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Blacksmith HR Consulting
Eric Black, SPHR


I have been a Human Resources Professional in the Puget Sound region since 1997. In that time I have worked with a wide range of organizations; public and private sector, from Fortune 500 to small local agencies; helping them with the many challenges faced by employers in today’s heavily regulated and litigious business environment.

My strength is in developing and implementing creative solutions that successfully turn those challenges into opportunities.

My approach is first to listen, seek to understand, capture accurate and relevant metrics, create synergy with company leadership, provide insightful analysis and propose and implement effective solutions.  This process is designed to help organizations critically and accurately analyze their current status and move to fully leverage their human capital while mitigating risk.

In short, my purpose is business solutions, my focus is human capital. As a strategic partner, I align myself with the mission of my clients so that they may achieve their goals while maximizing the talent of their workforce. As your HR Professional, you can be confident of my integrity, commitment, and discretion.
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